Cincinnati Bucket List   

by Linda Wakefield Kelley

The Cincinnati Bucket List is one way of discovering tri-state area treasures, whether new or simply forgotten. Fun spots to eat. Great day trips. Local shopping. It's all here.

I will publish a new list, specific to the region, with each seasonal change. Part of the excitement that comes along with the change in weather is knowing you're soon to experience several wonderful traditions. Fall football is a no-brainer perhaps. But if an activity is noted more than once, I will add a creative surprise each time it's included (noted on the page where I describe the event).

Want to check off bucket list items as I do? Popular pages are listed in the middle column (to the left). I've listed others at the bottom of this page.

Cincinnati Winter Bucket List 2015

Some of the planned activities may not be new ideas. Still, maybe you've forgotten about them. A revisit by me may help you decide if this is something you would enjoy, either for the first time or once more. Others may be on your radar, but in a holding pattern somewhere on your To Do List. Then again, some of the suggested items might be completely novel concepts. A new restaurant you didn't know about. Or, a photograph taken in a park you were unaware of, perhaps.

As I check mark 'done' for each of the items, I will share the adventure with you. I pledge to document it in detail and with corresponding pictures so you can make an informed decision about whether this is an activity you or your family would enjoy (See the left column for links to items from the Summer List).

These lists are both generic and personal. There is something for everyone on the agenda. You will find activities you instantly connect with.

"Yes, I want to do that!" may be your response to some, maybe even most, of the proposed activities.

Others will hold no appeal. Perhaps the idea of a sugar-filled donut doesn't inspire you the way it does me.

That's okay. Pick items from the list you enjoy and forget the others.

You might also want to make a few additions. You probably won't ever see a haunted house on my list. The idea of stumbling around in the dark with terror-induced panic just isn't my thing. Still, if it's yours, there are some great options in the area. The Dent Schoolhouse is usually a screaming-good-time according to my "kids" and their friends. 

Cincinnatians are a creative bunch. Some of you will be able to put your own unbelievably unique spin on each list. I'd love to hear about your adventures. And, be sure to stop by again for continual bucket list ideas. In the meantime, go forth and enjoy exploring Cincinnati and beyond! 

"The way to achieve tomorrow's goals is to complete task one today." Linda Wakefield Kelley

Bucket Lists for Other Seasons and Years

Cincinnati Fall Bucket List 2014

Print a free pdf version by clicking here.

Cincinnati Summer Bucket List 2014

Print a free pdf version by clicking here.

Cincinnati Fall Bucket List 2013

Print a free pdf version by clicking here.

Our Visitor's Favorite 'Been There, Done That' Bucket List Pages 

As items are checked off the various lists, I write about the experience. In. Great. Detail. The goal is to help you decide if this restaurant, event, recipe, or whatever is something you might enjoy doing. 

Check out the following items that have been reader favorites:

#10 on Fall 2013 List

Ohio Sauerkraut Festival

View from Incline Public House

#8 on Summer 2014 List

 Incline Public House 

Panegyri Greek Festival

#13 on Summer 2014 List

Panegyri Greek Festival

Western and Southern Tennis Open

#19 on Summer 2014 List

W & S Tennis Open

Please return often as new reviews are added regularly. If you have a favorite Cincy spot, I'd love to hear about it!

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